Creating Transformative Experiences Cultivating Agents of Change in Society

We engage in two projects:"Peace Tour" for visitors to Nagasaki from Japan and abroad, and
"Peace Academy" aimed at cultivating the younger generation in Nagasaki.

Our efforts in both the Tour and the Academy allow us to sustainably nurture people who take action to address social issues.

Peace Tour

For Those Seeking a Peace Learning
Experience in Nagasaki

We deliver transformative experiences not only through tours but also through systematic learning processes before and after the actual tours.

  • Programs are available both online and offline.
  • The tour size and content can be customized (currently available for groups of 10 or more people).
  • English tours are in development.
  • Contact us for more details.

Peace Academy

For Students and Young People

Peace Academy empowers you to positively impact the world.

Self-awareness to determine what needs to be done and why
Inspirational thinking to discover new ideas for overcoming challenges
Appreciation of diversity in order to work together with people who have different backgrounds and values

While developing these skills, we cultivate Peace Makers who will explore the connection between themselves and society, taking the first step toward changing the world.

  • Mitsuhiro Hayashida

    Representative Director

    Mitsuhiro Hayashida

  • Tomoyuki Torisu


    Tomoyuki Torisu

  • Yuri Tadakuma

    Director / Senior at Junshin University

    Yuri Tadakuma


For Those Seeking a Peace Learning Experience in Nagasaki

Peace Tour

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and schedule consultation.

For Students and Young People

Peace Academy

Contact us for more information about
the Academy and participation details.