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Our Goals

Know Yourself and Change the World.

Our school, founded in Nagasaki, the A-bombed city of Japan, cultivates Peace Makers who will explore the connection between themselves and society, and take the first step toward changing the world.

Self-awareness to determine what needs to be done and why
Inspirational thinking to discover new ideas for overcoming challenges
Appreciation of diversity in order to work together with people who have different backgrounds and values
Ability to spread your ideas and invite others to join you

As you develop these skills, you will change the world from where you and society intersect.
We look forward to your participation.

Features of the Academy

  • We offer programs leveraging the distinctive regional characteristics of Nagasaki.
  • The program is conducted with lecturers who have diverse expertise and backgrounds.
  • During the three-month program, participants not only receive lectures but also create their own unique program as a final assignment, connecting learning to action. The program encourages participants to take the first step toward becoming Peace Makers.
  • After graduating, participants can continue learning and stay connected by joining the PLAB community. Those interested may also participate in planning and managing the Peace Tour to practice their skills.

For Those Seeking a Peace Learning Experience in Nagasaki

Peace Tour

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For Students and Young People

Peace Academy

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